The Motor Pool, Chester, VA

Lee Holland, Motorpool


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Reply mitchell
10:14 AM on May 14, 2018 

Mitchell here at Fort Lee Ordnance side. I have been trying to contact you some time now called,  email...

Sir can you please call me when you have time: 443-567-9808


Bld 18041 Ordnance Fort Lee VA 23801

Reply Scott Hurley
9:12 PM on October 30, 2017 


Appreciate the tour for our DA Logistics Intern Class (iLog).

Amazing tour


Scott Hurley

Reply Feorgegam
8:42 PM on September 29, 2017 
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Reply VaRiZXRqZ
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2:48 AM on June 15, 2017 
Just wanted to say hi to everyone who enjoyed their stay in Wildflecken. I left my hometown in 85, but was lucky to go back from 87-90. Would love to hear from anyone that likes to share some great memories. I have met some great friends through this guestbook. It would be great to have a chatroom for the rhoenline.
Reply Toni O. Terry
9:04 AM on December 3, 2015 

I am glad that you are retiring for yourself, however, I am sad that you will not be teaching incoming classes. You were an excellent teacher.

Thank You!


Reply Mo Epps
9:31 AM on August 29, 2015 

Good morning Mr. Holland!  I stopped in to show my wife and kids your website.  I see you have changed it up some since I last saw it November 2014.  I hope you and the Chief of Staff are well.

Reply Bridget Little
9:55 AM on January 27, 2015 

Mr. Lee Holland is a true asset and blessing. He has a big attitude, a big heart and passion unlike I've ever seen. The day he retires will be a bitter sweet good bye but so well deserved.

Thank you Mr. Lee Holland for all of your stories, your enthusiasm and your refreshing down to earth way.

Your passion is contagious...GOD BLESS AMERICA

Reply Gary Grollimund
2:28 PM on April 29, 2014 

Mr. Holland

Quite a few years ago I spoke to you on the phone from my home in Chesterfield. I was thinking of buying a MV and was looking for some basics from you.

I now live in Amelia and have my second tank on site and a Humber Pig APC.

I was wondering if you were still active in MV ns if you were still associated with the MVPA(which I have been a member of for several years now)

Reply Bruce C Sumner
8:23 AM on November 21, 2013 


Ruby and I enjoyed dinner and the history lesson. You and your wife are great Americans!