The Motor Pool, Chester, VA

Lee Holland, Motorpool

11/2010 Our Own Heros, presented by                   Legacy Elementary School, Harvest Alabama  

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Remembering the mechanized Army October 5, 2008 - 2:09pm

Welcome to Lee Holland's Motor Pool

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I created this website for Mr. Lee Holland.  He was so kind to invite our class to visit his Motor Pool and many classes before us.  My boys also got a private tour when they came up to visit me while I was in Virginia.  Mr. Holland is the first to tell you that he really didn't think he needed this site, but we all felt that everyone should get the opportunity to see his hard work.  I am desperately waiting on the day I get to upload more pictures to his site. 

Thank you Mr. Holland from our Intern Class!

Thank you Mr. Holland for allowing my precious "heart beats" to witness your work and make those memories to NEVER be forgotten.   The many lives you have touched, you could never count. 

Created and Monitored by a Mommy of two boys

who is a Lil' Ole Intern  2008

Huntsville Alabama 

:D *wink

Thank you, Mr. Holland!

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